Brinkbit Studios

a full-service game design & software development company


What We Do

Cross-Platform Games

We develop games for every major platform, including iOS, Android, Web, and Steam. We build responsive experiences that work seamlessly across every screen in your players' lives.

Art & Design

Brinkbit's team of user interface designers, character and environment artists, and writers have built dozens of games spanning genres and art styles. Together, we'll find the look and feel that brings your game to life.


We make games and software for a variety of purposes, but we got our start building games for fun. Through rapid prototyping and iteration, Brinkbit will build your game to compel, engage, and retain players.


Using game elements in education increases knowledge retention. Brinkbit helps employers, parents, and educators build games that deliver curriculum and fun.


Smart implementation of game elements can improve the user experience of any app or service. Brinkbit builds gamification to drive user engagement by setting goals, creating progression, and providing positive feedback.


With analytics built into Brinkbit's Control Center, you can collect data effortlessly in any app built on Brinkbit. We can build software for research and conducting surveys.

Custom Game Design and Software Development

Rapid Prototyping & Iteration

A great game combines interesting choices with satisfying interactions. Brinkbit believes the best way to build winning gameplay is by playing through several variations of a concept, reinforcing what works and dropping what doesn't. We build a functional prototype of your concept as quickly as possible. Then, using Agile methodologies, we develop every mechanic, scene, and graphic for a premium experience.

A Proven Team

The Brinkbit team has over 20 years' experience creating and monetizing web and mobile games. We've created games to serve a variety of client goals, from workplace training and education to adapting tabletop games. In every case, we've preserved the integrity of the source material while designing for the unique considerations of modern video games.

Future-Proof Design

Developing a game no longer ends on launch day. A successful game is a service that's supported with new content and updates for years after launch. At Brinkbit, we plan ahead and develop tools to grow and support your game for its entire lifespan.

The Brinkbit Advantage

Brinkbit Control Center

We build every game and app using the Brinkbit platform,

a comprehensive back-end solution for game services, content authoring, scaling, and live ops.

Fully customized for your game.

Brinkbit Control Center

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Baltimore, MD-based game technology company

developing games for a global audience.

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